Campaign against single
use coffee cups

In Germany, 2.8 billion disposable coffee cups are used every year. Many of these cups are not disposed correctly after use. They are thrown on the ground from where they are blown into rivers and washed into the ocean. Thus the single use cups become a problem for the ocean. Here the economy must take responsibility for putting an end to the threat of the marine ecosystem by disposable cups. Taking responsibility would be pretty easy. The use of disposable cups is not necessary because there are already alternatives in the form of returnable cups. We are running an online petition in Germany. This petition is addressed to the biggest sellers of coffee to go. We demand the immediate and full abolition of disposable cups. So far we have collected more than 140.000 signatures. We are in contact with some of the recipients of the petition to make sure they notice the will of the consumers. If you want to support this campaign, please sign our petition.

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Money is needed for:
• making our petition public
• a campaign video
• a poster campaign

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