Support us with a donation

Our education and environmental protection activities can only be carried out in the future with donations. Please check if a donation to our association based in Germany is tax deductible in your country. If so, we will be happy to issue you with a donation receipt.

As a nonprofit organization, we have committed ourselves to use all donations only for the realization of our statutory goals. We do not strive to maximize profits, but rather to maximize environmental protection and nature conservation, especially marine conservation and education for sustainable development.

We therefore use the donations made here only to cover the costs incurred for the work of the association.

Currently we have the following cost elements:

Organization and realization of cleanups (gloves, insurance etc.)

Organization and realization of environmental education programmes (educational and illustrative material, travel costs etc.)
ongoing association costs (insurance, web hosting, public relations etc.)

administration costs (postage, accounting software, transaction fees etc.)

Further information on the use of donations can be requested by email at A detailed list of the use of funds can be found in our financial report after the end of the first fiscal year.