Educational classes for children

and adolescents

Raising the ocen conservationists of tomorrow

This project is a central pilar of the work of Sana Mare. We visit schools, preschools and other private and public institutions to bring the need for ocean conservation closer to the young generation. The children and adolescents learn about the ocean, why we need it and how we can protect it in an age-appropriate manner.

The children of today are the marine protectors of tomorrow. That is why it is essential to talk to the children in order to achieve a sustainable change. A focal point of this program is marine litter, but other issues like overfishing, ocean acidification, coral bleeching etc. can be addressed too. After the classroom session we go out and collect civilization garbage from a coast or shoreline (where possible and appropriate). In the moment we can only offer this program in Germany. But we are planning to offer our children- and school-program in other countries as soon as possible.

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To keep this program running, we need donations.

Money is needed for:
• payment for tutors
• training of tutors
• developing of student material

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