About us

Who we are

We are an organization from the middle of the society. People of all backgrounds, professions, affinities and (almost all) opinions join us. We are united by our love for nature and especially for the ocean. Together we are a movement. We organize garbage cleanups worldwide on beaches, coasts and shores.
The organization supports its members in organizing and carrying out these activities. All costs are covered by the association and the organizers are insured by the association. Thus we create a safe framework that enables everyone to actively engage in the protection of the oceans.

“Raising ocean-protectionists of tomorrow”

What we do

We must start to care much better about the ocean than we have done in the past decades. Everything we do aims to promote ocean conservation. A sustainable change is only possible, if the children of today become the environmentalists of tomorrow. That’s why one pillar of our work are educational programmes for children and adolescents. In our projects the children learn about the beauty of the ocean, why we need the ocean, why we must protect it and how we can protect it. A focal point in our educational programmes is marine litter. We conduct coastal cleanings worldwide to strengthen the problem awareness.

A sustainable change can not be driven by behavioral change alone, it must be based on a systemic change in consumer behavior, economy and politics.That’s why we also campaign for a change in politics and industry.

Our Motivation

Once we had an ocean full of life, with a great biodiversity. But when industrialization started in the early 20th century, mankind began to take all the resources, pollute the ocean and destroy habitats without thinking about the consequences. In a few decades we destroyed what took millions of years to develop.
By now we have taken over 90% of the large fishes, stubbed 70% of all mangroves, heated up the ocean by 1°C, dissolved millions of tons of carbon dioxide and discarded millions of tons of plastic in the ocean.
This and many other human-made changes destroy the marine ecosystem. They will eventually kill the ocean.
All life on earth is depending on a healthy ocean, because it produces half of the oxygen we breathe, regulates the climate on our planet and offers food and nutrients for billions of animals and people.
We must stop overfishing, pollution, ocean acidification and all the other changes on which the ocean is suffering.
If the ocean dies, the earth will die. There will be nothing left except a dead planet.
Our individual choices can inspire global values, that will eventually lead to a global change. That’s why we start with cleaning and education.

What we do

The aim of Sana Mare is to reduce the negative consequences of human interaction with the sea. We cannot reverse the destruction and pollution of decades. But we can begin to promote a more sustainable use of the ocean. We can do our best to prevent further damage to the ecosystem. That is why we want to enable everyone to get involved in environmental protection in a simple and safe way.