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team-coordinator Isumael Isaac Ndungu

Isumael - Cleanup Coordinator

Pastor Isumael Isaac Ndungu from Limuru is committed to helping young people in need. As clean-up coordinator for the Limuru region, he organises our social clean-ups in central Kenya. In addition to his commitment to Sana Mare, Isumael runs a horticulture project in which he grows vegetables for his community together with needy people and distributes them free of charge to the poor families in the community.

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Stefine Mutua Masia - Sana Mare member Limuru

Timothy Nyamai

My name is Timothy Nyamai. I am 26 years old. I have a school education but no further professional training. However, I have knowledge in traditional medicine. My dream is to open a small health store. For this, I need to save some money. Therefore, I am always looking for work. Whenever I get the chance to participate in a Sana Mare clean-up, I take the opportunity.

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Stephine Mutua Masila - Sana Mare member Limuru

Stephine Mutua Masila

My name is Stephine Mutua Masila. I am 24 years old and the fourth of six children. I had to leave school because the school fees were too expensive for us. I was taken in at Pastor Isaac’s house. He is the Sana Mare coordinator in Limuru. I help in the house and in the vegetable garden where we grow food for the needy families. But my only source of income at the moment is working in the Sana Mare clean-up team.
I would like to acquire skills as a plumber or a driving licence. With that, I could get a more qualified job. I hope that we can do many more clean-ups with Sana Mare so that I can get some money to pay my daily bread and a rent.

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James Kuria from Sana Mare team Limuru

James Kuria

My name is James Kuria. I am 28 years old and trained as an electronics technician and blabber. But I can’t find a permanent job here. I depend on casual jobs and therefore have difficulties paying my rent and buying food for my family. Since I have been at Sana Mare, my life has become easier. Every day that I can join a clean-up, I don’t have to worry about dinner for my family. I would like Sana Mare to continue doing clean-ups so that we can continue to enjoy life.
Thank you very much.

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John Mburu from Sana Mare in Lumuru

John Mburu

My name is John Mburu. I am 36 years old and a father of three children aged 4, 8 and 12. My wife has no job. I had to leave school in grade 7 because we could not pay the school fees. I want my children to be able to finish school because I don’t want to see my children struggle in life like I do.
I am grateful for Sana Mare. Through the Sana Mare social clean-up project, I can earn some money to buy food for my family.

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Samson Mawnagi at work with the Sana Mare Celan-up team

Samson Mwangi Njeri

My name is Samson Mwangi Njeri. I have three children aged 8, 12 and 17. Although my wife works as a housekeeper and I have a casual job washing cars, we struggle to pay our children’s school fees. Fortunately, I can earn more money with Sana Mare. I try to save some of the money I get from this project. When I have enough money, I can start raising chickens so I can support myself.

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Patick from Sana Mare at work

Patrick Ikere Gachuhi

My name is Patrick Ikere Gachuhi. I was born in 1975. Since childhood, I have struggled every day to find work to make a living. Since the Corona pandemic, life has become even harder. I had a wife, but I was not able to earn enough money for us. So my wife had to leave me. I am grateful for every job opportunity. With Sana Mare, I can do important work and clean our rivers. The money I get here makes life a little easier.

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