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We work with dedication to the protection of the seas. Our success depends on the support of society. We can only continue our work with volunteers, partners and supporters. Our activities are largely financed by donations. We use the donations exclusively to implement our association’s purpose. Your donation thus goes 100% towards the protection of the seas. Every donation – no matter if 5€ or 1000€ – helps us.

If you would like to support our work with a regular contribution, please download the membership application form here and put a cross next to Supporting Member. Alternatively you can make a regular donation here without being registered as a supporting member.

Of course you can also support us with a one-time donation. We promise you that we will use the donated funds only in the interest of protecting the ocean.

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Our association is open to all who wish to actively work for the protection of the ocean. We are happy to welcome dedicated members who would like to organize and carry out Sana Mare cleanups or simply be part of the movement by participating in one of our cleanups every now and then. If you would like to become a member of our association, please download the application form here and put a cross in the box “volunteer member”. There is no admission fee or annual dues for volunteer members. The membership is completely free of charge. Of course volunteer members can also be supporting members at the same time.

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We are a movement from the middle of society. Our goal is to achieve positive change through citizen engagement. If you have been involved in the protection of the environment in the past and / or have worked with children and teenagers in the field of education / upbringing with a focus on environmental protection and sustainability, then we would be happy to have you as a voting member. As a voting member you have the opportunity to actively shape our association and to help determine the course of our movement with your vote. If you are interested in a voting membership, then download the application for membership here and put a cross in the box “voting member”.

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