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Team-coordinator Chrizza Britanico

Chrizza Britanico Clean-up coordinator Sana Mare Philippines

Chrizza Mae Britanico is the volunteer leader of the Sana Mare Clean-up Team in General Santos, Philippines. Chrizza is studying marine biology and would like to dedicate her career to the protection of the ocean. As many people in the region in the south of the Philippines live in great poverty, Chrizza works with people who need financial help as part of our social clean-up project. Combating poverty and protecting the environment can be combined in this way.

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Mary plecerda Sana Mare Philippines

Mary Plecerda

My name is Mary Grace Plecerda. I have nine brothers and sisters. My mother earns very little money. In January 2021, a few days after my mother gave birth to our new sibling, my father died. As the eldest daughter of my parents, I take care of my little siblings. Since I have joined Sana Mare Clean-ups together with my brother, I can earn some money and support my mother. This way we can secure food for all of us and ease the financial pressure a little. In addition, the financial support I get from Sana Mare allows me to continue my education. I hope that the project can continue.

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Alice Entension Sana Mare Pilippines

Alice Entension

My name is Alice Entension. I am a mother of seven children. Raising my children was and is my life’s work. Therefore, I could never pursue a profession with a regular salary. My four eldest children are studying today. They are therefore not yet on their own two feet. The younger three children still live in my household. My husband always earned the money for the family. He was a fisherman until he could no longer pursue this physically demanding profession because of health problems. We are therefore in financial difficulties. By participating in the Sana Mare project, I can earn a little money and thus reduce our hardship a little.

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Kevin Ando - Sana Mare Philippinen

Kevin Dave Ando

I am 22 years old and one of four children of my parents. My father is seriously ill. He can no longer leave his bed and needs medication. My mother is unemployed. The family depends on the small income of my big sister. I myself am a student and try to earn enough money to be able to finish my studies. Participating in the Sana Mare project helps me a lot. If I can pay my tuition fees, I might be able to find a well-paid job in the future. Then I can help my family out of poverty.

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Stephanie for Sana Mare Team Philippines

Stephanie De La Cruz

I have ten brothers and sisters. My mother is unemployed and my father has already passed away. Our whole family lives on the small income of my grandmother, who works as a massage therapist. I went to school for eight years and would like to go to school for longer to be able to study. Participating in the Sana Mare social clean-up project allows me to support the family with a little money. I also try to save some of the money to pay the school fees.

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Loreata Capillo during a Sana Mare clean-up

Loreata Capillo

I am a widow of 51 years. Since my husband died, I have no income. I get what I need to live from my son-in-law. In return, I look after my two grandchildren during the day. Not only do I need money to buy food I also need meication. With the money I get from Sana Mare, I can pay for my medicines.

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Mary Ann Dela Cruz from Sana Mare Philippines

Mary Ann De La Cruz

My husband and I have four children. My youngest daughter is four years old. She is severely disabled. She cannot walk or use her arms in a controlled way. When my children were born, I had to drop out of school. Because my daughter needs care around the clock, I cannot have a regular job. Our family of six depends on my husband’s income. But as a fisherman, his earnings are very unstable. We never know at the beginning of the month whether we will have money for food at the end of the month. I am happy to earn a little money now and then by participating in the Sana Mare project. With this, I can reduce the hardship when my husband’s catch was small.

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