Coastal Cleanups

It is estimated, that about 8.000.000 metric tons of plastic are washed into the ocean every year. There it causes huge damage to nature. Birds confuse it with food or nesting material. They die from the plastic in their stomach or get caught in nets and the like. In the sea it becomes microplastic and enters the food chain. Roughly 1% of the plastic in the ocean comes from the European Union. While this number sounds fairly small, it sums up to 8.000.000 kg per year. And of course it is not only the plastic, that enters the ocean and exposes a threat to the ecosystem. Other types of garbage need to be added to the 8.000.000 kg of plastic. In summary, large amounts of civilization garbage can be found on beaches and shores in Europe. On our beach cleanups every person finds in average 10 kg of rubbish per hour. With our coastal cleaning events we can not solve the plastic crisis or clean the ocean. But we can raise awareness for the issue and give our best to reduce the marine litter as much as possible. All our coastal cleaning events are funded largely by the sale of bracelets, made from recycled fishing nets. Fishing nets are a very common type of civilization garbage in the ocean. We thus produce our bracelets from fishing-nets as a statement against ocean pollution. For every bracelet, that you purchase, we promise to remove at least 2 kg of garbage from a european beach, coast, or shoreline.

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